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The table is ahorizontal saw surface that supports the material while being cut

Table locking knob

Table locking knob is a feature that can be used to lock a miter saw table at any angle

Table saw

A table saw is a saw with a motor and spinning blade mounted in a precision table with a fence guide and blade height and angle adjustments


The tank of a compressor is a steel walled storage container for holding the pressurized air


The tape of a tape measure is along steel strip wound into the case marked with measured units . Also called a blade

Tape measure

A tape measure is a compact measuring tool with a steel blade and markings


A tarp is a large cloth or plastic sheet used for protecting areas while prepping for paint


A tee is a fitting which allows three pipe ends to meet in the shape of a ‘T’. 

Teflon tape

Teflon tape is a flexible wrap with non-stick properties which is wound around pipe threads to create a water-tight seal of a male pipe end in a female fitting 


Tempered glass is a specialheat treated safety glass that shatters in small regular pieces when it breaks

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