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To sight a board is to view it from one end to determine its straightness or specific defects


Siliconized in a terms used to describe caulk products that are mainly latex based with a certain amount of silicon added in to improve its workability, durability, and elasticity


The sill is the lower horizontal board that defines the bottom edge of a window rough opening

Single bevel compound miter saw

A single bevel compound miter saw is a saw with a bevel angle adjustment in one direction only (typically to the left as you are facing the front of the saw)

Single fire setting

The single fire setting on an air nailer is a setting that allows only one fastener to leave the gun with each pull of the trigger

Single ladder

A single ladder is a non-self-supporting portable ladder that is fixed in length, consisting of one solid section with no moving parts.

Single pole switch

A single pole switch is adisconnect device that controls one circuit

Single tank compressor

A single tank compressor is a portable compressor type with one storage tank

Single-ply header

A single-ply header is a configuration that uses a single layer of material as a header pushed to the front or back face of the rough opening. Additional framing is required to complete the rough opening


A sledgehammer is a larger heavier hammer used for forceful blows like demolition work

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