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Safety switch

A safety switch is a special ON and OFF feature of a power tool that requires an extra step for turning ON and an easier one step or automatic OFF function. This special switch can prevent accidental operation and easier shutoff in case of an emergency.

Safety tip

The safety tip of a nail gun is a feature of an air nailer that must be pressed to a surface before the gun will fire


Sandpaper is special paper with an abrasive layer attached to one side for smoothing and leveling surfaces in preparation for painting

Sandwich header

A sandwich header is asolid structural site made beam made of layers of material such as lumber and OSB laminated together to span over a rough opening


A sash is a movable or fixed section of a window that holds the glass

Sash brush

A sash brush is a detail brush (usually with an angled bristle head) for cutting in and other fine brush work. Sometimes called a “trim” or “cut in” brush

Sash lock

A sash lock is a window component used to secure a movable sash in the window frame for security


Satin is a term used to describe amedium gloss sheen. It is duller than semigloss with more shine than eggshell


Scale is the amount of reduction from actual size that a building is drawn to. Expressed as a ratio (Ex. ¼” = 1’)


SCFM or Standard Cubic Feet per Minute is a measurement of the maximum volume of air a specific compressor can deliver while running. Typically given with a PSI number as well (ex. 2.6 SCFM @ 90PSI)

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