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Nail gauge

Nail gauge is the measure of the wire or shank thickness of a pneumatic nail. Smaller gauge = thicker nail

Nail plate

A nail plate is a protective steel plate fastened to framing to protect a pipe or tube from damage from  being pierced by a fastener


Nap is the fibers attached to a roller cover. Comes in different lengths for coating different surfaces. Another term for “pile

Nap size

Nap size refers to the length of fibers on a roller cover. Also called pile height


The neck of a hammer is the area connecting the hammer face to the cheek.

Needle nose pliers

Needle nose pliers are a fine-tipped gripping tool with adjustable jaws


A neutral wire is a conductor used to complete a circuit and carry current back to the original power source. This part of the circuit is usually identified by conductors with white-colored insulation and silver terminals at devices


NIOSH is an acronym for The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is an organization that sets standards for the manufacture of respirators and other PPE equipment


NM or"Non-Metallic" is a term used to describe a (plastic) jacketed multi-conductor cable. Color-coded for gauge sizes commonly used in concealed spaces like walls floors and ceilings. Often Called Romex

Nominal dimension

A nominal dimension is one existing in name only and not matching the material’s actual measurements

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