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Machine sanding

Machine sanding is a faster sanding process using specialized machines to hold the sandpaper and work the surface. This method is good for large areas, production work, and a more consistent finish


The magazine is the spring loaded chamber of a nailer for holding a supply of collated nails to be fed automatically into the gun


A masker is a hand tool that loads and dispenses tape and masking plastic or paper rolls quickly for production prep work


Masking is a prep process where tape and plastic or paper sheets are used to protect areas that do not receive paint

Masking tape

Masking tape is a roll of adhesive paper or plastic used to prevent paint from being applied to certain areas


Matte is a term to describe a paint sheen with a no gloss finish. Also called “flat


A miter is an angle cut made with the broad face of the board lying flat on the base of a miter saw and the vertical blade pivoted left or right to form an angle

Miter angle gauge

A miter angle gauge indicates the angle a miter saw is set to. Usually from 0 to up to 45 or more degrees.

Miter gauge

A miter gauge is a saw feature that allows for crosscuts in the material on a saw made for rip cuts

Miter latch

A miter latch is a catch that automatically clicks into predetermined angles on a miter saw, like 0 and 45 degrees.

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