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Kerf is the notch made when material is lost during a cut. The width of this notch is relative to the blade tooth width.


Kickback is a safety hazard that causes violent and sudden bucking of a saw or ejecting of material from the saw at high speed towards the user – see “Binding”

Kickback arrestor

A kickback arrestor is a safety feature on a table saw that only allows the material to move front to back when cutting, thus preventing the material being thrown forward during a cut

King stud

A king stud is the last full stud on each side of a rough opening. It helps hold the rough opening assembly parts together and connect them to the top and bottom plates.


Knitted is a looser roller cover fabric backing. Holds more paint but yields less of a smooth finish than woven covers


A knot is a tough, usually dark spot in a board where a tree limb once was.


Krypton is gas filled between glass panes to slow heat transfer through a window