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A gallon is the liquid volume measurement indicating tank size of a compressor


Galvanized is a term to describe thin Zinc plating applied to steel to resist corrosion when exposed to moisture


A gang is the width of a junction box that holds one electrical device like a switch or outlet


A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter  or GFCI is a shock prevention device that shuts off power if an imbalance of current flow is detected between the line and neutral wires


Glazing is a term used to describe the glass components of a window


Gloss is a term used to describe the highest sheen for paint which has more shine than semi-gloss


The grain of wood is the pattern of the tree growth rings as they show in a milled piece of lumber. Wood grain affects the strength of wood and follows the cellular structure of the tree which always runs the length of a cut lumber board.


Grit is the level of abrasion of the sandpaper surface – higher number means a finer smoother finish can be achieved and lower numbers produce a rougher finish

Ground wire

A ground wire is a safety conductor in a circuit identified by a bare copper or green colored insulated wire that can carry rogue current to earth in an emergency


A guardrail is ahorizontal protective member intended to prevent persons from passing beyond a given point on a scaffold system

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