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The face is the smooth or waffled surface of a hammer that strikes a nail.

Face grain

Face grain is the the pattern of wood grain as seen from the face of the board

Fall arrest

Fall arrest is asafety system that will stop a worker's fall before the worker hits the surface below


To feather is aroller or brush technique that requires a lift at the end of a stroke to taper the paint on a wet edge


The fence is a raised edge on a speed square that rests against the material being marked for accurate reference.

Fence lock

A fence lock is a saw featureused to clamp the fence tight to the table to prevent movement once it is in position for a cut


A ferrule is a metal band used to fasten the bristles to the handle of a paint brush


Filaments are synthetic bristles made of nylon or polyester usually pointed or tipped to produce a better finish


Filler is a material used to level a small hole or void in a surface

Film build

Film build is theability of a paint to achieve thickness during application without sagging or dripping

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