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Wire nut

A wire nut is a device for securing two or more wire ends together and while insulating the bare ends from arcing or electrical shock

Wire staple

A wire staple is a simple fastener for securing Romex wire to framing


Workability is how well the material can be tooled to a proper finish before it begins to dry or set

Worm drive saw

A worm drive saw is a saw where themotor is connected to the blade through a right angle gearbox which adds weight and extra torque to the tool.


Woven is one process used to attach fibers to a roller cover that provides a denser nap than a knitted roller. This type of roller holds less paint than knitted but yields a finer finish


A wye is a fitting with three openings that connects two drain lines together in the shape of a “y”


X paper

X paper is heavier reusable rolls of floor protection material



Xenon is a gas-filled between glass panes to slow heat transfer through a window



Zinc is a soft silver colored metal used for protection of fasteners applied as a coating or plating

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