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Dry paint film

Dry paint film is the layer of paint solids that remains when the carrier evaporates from the paint

Dry rolling

Dry rolling is applying paint with a roller that has little or no paint left in it producing thin uneven coats

Dual action

Dual-action is another name for “random orbital”

Dust bag

A dust bag is a receptacle for saw dust that attaches to the tool

Duty rating

Duty rating is thetotal weight in pounds a ladder is designed to hold including a person and all tools and materials they are carrying



A board edge is the narrowest side of any board

Edge grain

Edge grain is the grain pattern of the wood as seen from the side of the board

Edge sealing

Edge sealing is a masking process where a sealer is applied over the tape edge to help prevent paint bleed


Elasticity is the ability of a material to stretch while still staying adhered to a surface


An elbow is an angular fitting used to change the direction of a pipe.

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