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45 degrees

45 degrees is an angle created when 90 degrees is divided in half


5 in 1 tool

A 5 in 1 is amultifunction hand tool often used for scraping


90 degrees

90 degrees is an angle created when two lines are square or perpendicular to each other



Abrasive is different grades of rough grit applied to a paper backing to remove material when sanding. Abrasives range from coarse to fine and have numbers to indicate their roughness with lower numbers meaning coarser grits and higher numbers meaning finer


ABS is black plastic pipe used in plumbing for drain, waste, and vent pipes.


The actuator is the part of a caulk gun that moves the plunger forward


Adhesion is the ability for a material to stick to a surface

Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is a tool for tightening hex nuts and bolts of various sizes


An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter  or AFCI is a specialelectrical safety device in the form of an outlet or breaker that shuts the power down when arcing conditions are detected

Air dry

To air dry is the hardening process of a material that depends on the air or solvent in the mix to evaporate completely